About Website

This website was made without complex javascript or css so that it is easy to load and read on all browsers, including terminal and js-less browsers like netsurf. Additionally, I wrote a shell script to generate this website automatically from a hiearchical filesystem of html files. It is written with extremely basic css yet looks somewhat modern. If you're interested, you can get the source code here:

git clone git://nullring.xyz/prestonpan.git


I'm currently looking for employment. In my resume listed at the very bottom, I list my skills and credentials and you can hire me to do pretty much anything related to those things. Some suggestions for what you can hire me for include:

Also, if you like my dotfiles, I can make some custom dotfiles for you for a small price that can be negotiated, with whatever colors, distribution and window manager you want with keybindings for programs that you use. I only ask that I can release it to the general public a few months after you commission it.