Preston Pan (aka LiCoO2)

Hi! I'm Preston Pan, and this is my v3 of my website. I've got it to work with a shell script that I made. In the future, I might release the shell script as a separate thing, but for now it's a part of the Null Identity website and this one.

NOTICE: I AM NOT USING THIS WEBSITE ANYMORE. My new one can be found at, as I have moved my website to using org-mode. Yes, I am an emacs user now.

Some things about myself:

Of course, those are rather surface level things, but the point is that you will find things related to the topics above on this website. The website is structured in a hiearchical format just like in filesystems because I find that to be the easiest balance between user simplicity and developer simplicity.

Note: most things on this website will 404 right now simply because of the fact that I have a limited amount of time and have just changed the backend for this website.


Here, you will find topics related to:

Many articles will be written in groff and compiled to pdf.


Here are the services that I run on my server/socially:


This website is a part of the following webrings:

The Null Webring

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Basically, if you like any of what I am doing, donate! My servers aren't free, and I do run a lot of stuff for the tech related community in our school, and I also try to write good software.

Here are some methods of donating I support:

Thanks a lot for your support!